Having farmed at Calcott Hall for over 40 years, we have grown many different crops. Some of the most popular are sweetcorn and strawberries, but we have also grown the lesser known vegetables such as romanesco (a broccoli and cauliflower hybrid), swiss chard, kale (which has seen a huge increase in popularity) and Crown Prince squash.

On the farm we use traditional farming methods to grow our own produce, using the

minimum amount of pesticides. We produce the best quality vegetables and often what you are buying was cut fresh that morning. It doesn’t get fresher than that! Produce from the farm is almost exclusively sold through the shop, cutting out the middle man, reducing our carbon footprint and giving you, our loyal customer, the best possible quality, freshness and value. It’s big headed but we’re proud of that fact. 

We also grow pumpkins which have proven very popular over the years, including a 'Pick your own' pumpkin event which was very well received.
With our soil type and weather we have in this area we can’t grow everything. We do however, source the best quality local produce, if we can’t grow it ourselves.

Of course nowadays, produce is available all year round from somewhere, but we will always prefer British when in season.

Below is a seasonal calendar, which will give you a rough idea of when some British fruit and vegetables will be available. Growing crops is weather dependent, so crops can appear earlier or later than this list.

Enjoy some seasonal goodies!