COOK and Frozen


Fancy taking a break from cooking for all the family? Looking to entertain your friends for dinner? Check out our wide range of gourmet handmade frozen food on offer from COOK.

From one portion meals to family sized, kid friendly food and desserts, there’s something for everyone.

So clear out your freezer and come in to see us! Karen and her team would be more than happy to recommend their favourite dishes for you to try.

We hope to see you soon.


In our freezers we have a wide range of vegetables and fruit to make your life easier. Need a small amount of peas or beans? You can buy it. Want some summer fruits to make a dessert? We’ve got it. You can have as much or as little as you like.

We have some delicious potato products, cheese and potato gratins and herby parmentier potatoes to accompany your  meals.

For more info and cooking details please visit

Frozen pastries are one of our most popular frozen lines and they are very handy to keep in the freezer and bring out when needed.
Many need proving overnight, click here for a full list of instructions for the perfect pastry. If you would like some ideas for frozen fruit click here or if you want to know how to cook the potato products then click here. Happy cooking!

Ice Cream & Sorbet

We have lovely ice cream from Rossi Ice Cream in
Southend which has been a real winner since we started stocking it. We also have ice creams and sorbets from Bennetts Farm, and a range of Vegan and Dairy Free Ice creams too

Frozen Fish

Chapmans Seafood produce outstanding fishcakes and
Wellingtons, and delicious haddock bakes. They really know what they are doing to create such tasty food.