Fruit & Vegetables

At Calcott Hall we grow different crops throughout the year to bring you as much produce as possible, taking our soil and weather conditions into account. The farm is 130 acres split into 8 fields so it’s bigger than you think.


Vegetables and fruit are at their best quality and flavour when they are in season, that’s why we believe in it so strongly. On our Farm page there is a rough and ready growing calendar of British produce to help guide you.


Unfortunately we are unable to grow all types of vegetables and fruit so we use local Essex farmers or farmers from surrounding counties to supply other English crops. Seasons and the weather impact hugely on what we and other farmers in the UK can grow, so we like to encourage our customers to eat seasonally.

If we can’t grow it, or source it in the UK then we go further afield, always ensuring quality and freshness.

We also grow spring barley as a rotation crop and have several acres of Christmas trees growing for that time of year! 

Our knowledgeable staff will help you to make the most of the fresh produce you buy, from how to store it, to how to cook it. If they don’t know, they’ll know someone who does! We often have recipe sheets available to give you some inspiration, so give them a try.