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Neil S Risdon - High Class Butchers at Calcott Hall

(01277) 239761

At Calcott Hall we now have a top quality butcher to provide you with all the different cuts of meat that you want, and more importantly the knowledge to cook it right!

Bored with beef? Chicken a chore?
Neil, Paul or Luke can give you some inspiration to spice up your meal times with something different. Give’em a try!

That’s enough from me let's hear from the man himself, Neil:

Butchery“I’ve been a butcher for 13 years now and truly believe that quality, local meat, that’s been traditionally reared and well butchered is what every customer deserves. I strive with my team to deliver meat that melts in the mouth. Come and try some for yourself.”

Meat Counter 1Here is a bit more information about the meat that Neil sells…

Beef - Locally sourced and hung for 21 days, the flavour is outstanding. With different local farmers supplying the beef you will know where it came from and what breed it is. That's traceability!

Pork - All of the pork is outdoor reared from Shalford , Braintree.

Bacon - Dry curing the bacon, ensures the best possible flavour. It means you won’t get that nasty white residue that you sometimes see in other types of bacon, which have been injected with brine. Dry curing is a simple process which involves coating the pork in a cure mixture containing mainly salt, and leaving for a period of up to 2 weeks. Smoking is done traditionally over pine and oak chips to give the smoked bacon, a delicate flavour, without being overpowering.


Meat counter 2

Sausages, Chipolatas & Burgers- Hand made by the teams fair hands using the same pork that they sell over the counter, unlike many sausages that use cheap imported cuts of pork. Should you be in need of gluten free burgers or sausages Neil can also help you out. In his freezer he keeps some Pork, Lamb and Beef burgers 'that he prepared earlier' which are gluten free.

Lamb - The lamb is again free range and from Ashford, Kent. Reared traditionally the flavour is fantastic.

Game - Rabbit, hare, venison, partridge, pheasant and quail are available (when in season) and have been shot locally so you can be sure they are fresh and tasty. Especially when many of them have been eating our crops!

Poultry - All locally sourced, we have 2 different ranges to choose from, with the RSPCA freedom foods scheme the minimum welfare standard we work to.

Barn Reared ChickenBarn reared Chickens - The Freedom Food birds are reared in smaller flock sizes by individual farmers who are passionate about the welfare of their animals. The birds not only have far more space available to them than other more intensively reared birds but also enjoy enriched conditions such as perching on straw bales and natural periods of darkness

Sutton HooSutton Hoo Chickens - the birds, derived from a traditional breed of chicken, live in small groups in naturally lit and ventilated mobile houses. They range freely over acres of pasture adjacent to the Anglo-Saxon burial site of Sutton Hoo, hence the name. Their diet, mainly wheat, does not contain antibiotics, growth promoters or drugs of any kind. These birds taste like chicken! Their lifestyle, diet and a naturally slower growing, old fashioned bird, combine to give the meat a wonderful texture and delicious full flavour.


Also available frozen chicken carcasses at £1 per kg and whole marrow bones at £1.50 each, ideal for stocks and soups.

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